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The Ranch broker of Argentina

Updated 2017


The new government has decreased inflation to one digit number for 2017.
Economy is growing, Exports are growing. They are moving as fast as they can, so as to organize the country after 12 years of populism. Investments for US$50billion from abroad, mainly, Japan, Europe and USA, have already been settled. It is an excellent time to invest.
This government is a globalized team, and his economy team, is the most wonderful we have had in the last 17 years.
So in the next seven years, investment will come into Argentina and this will continue forever after him.
Investors have come and will continue to come from all over the world! Good luck!


Our company is the best broker of ranches in Argentina . We have been in the ranching business since 1880 and selling ranches to foreign investors for the last 6 years.

Local agents (inmobiliarias) are only interested in selling the properties that they have been consigned for sale. In contrast, our interest is focused on our clients, and as we do not earn a commission from local agents, we can really help you to get the property that you really need. Because we have no consignments, we are the only ones that can show you all the ranches of Argentina and Uruguay.
We are the only one who sells the largest properties or many properties not listed anywhere.

Investors that have saved through the Financial Markets have realized that Financial Markets have become too sensible and collapse easily lately. Rates available have not been appropriate.

Ranches and properties have always been a stable investment. Many ranches in Argentina are inexpensive and now lower priced than usual.

Worldwide productive land is always scarce and its price keeps climbing in every country, year after year. There are great opportunities available in Argentina . Simple opportunities, like the best business. Also, unlike Americans or Europeans, Argentines do not have credit, so it is not easy for them to buy.

Come and meet us, and we will be delighted to help you find the opportunity that suits you in a country where many others are investing.


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