Privacy / Security

We strictly keep the privacy of all of our clients and ranch sellers. We do not expose the names of any of our clients, their companies, or families. We do the same with the names of ranch owners that want to sell their ranches, and keep them under firm confidentiality.

We do not publish client information or seller information
As it is most common practice in Argentina, we do not publish the name of our clients or businesses, not even the Ranch name and Ranch owners, nor their administration and managers.

We never share our client information
We do not, and will not use your email, or any other information of our clients to any organization, charity,

We protect our client information
All the emails that arrive into our website or letters that arrive to our office, will always be kept under strict confidentiality.

We keep our client information secure
We believe that keeping our client information under strict confidentiality will help us deliver a better service


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